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Mixer grinders are one of the epic revolutions of human technology. Yes, of course, we’ve moved on from traditional ways of grinding spices for our recipes. Mixer grinders have got their place on every kitchen shelf. Whether you want to prepare chutney or spicy curry mix, you have got the best kitchen appliance to grind it well.

Mixer grinders are easy to use even for a beginner chef of your own kitchen, but deciding which mixer grinder is best for the kitchen is quite a tricky question when we start shopping.

There are lots of things to look for when buying good mixer grinders for kitchen use. In this best mixer grinder buying guide, we will learn some of the important points which we should keep in mind while buying it.

Let’s do some research.

Who Invent Mixer Grinders?

The very first mixer grinder is thought to be the one invented by American Rufus Eastman in 1885.

In 1908, Herbert Johnson, an engineer for the Hobart Manufacturing Company, invented an electric standing mixer inspire by observing a baker mixing bread dough with a metal spoon.

Types of Mixer Grinders

Mixer grinders have had different variants since their first launch in the market. A mixer grinder can be any appliance used to grind or blend kitchen ingredients. It doesn’t mean to be used only if it has a jar or motors on it.

We won’t be going to dig the history here, instead, we will keep the mixer grinders in mainly two variants, Stand mixers and traditional mixers. But still, if you want to read in-depth, here is the complete history of mixer grinders.

Stand mixers are large mixer grinders with powerful motor powers and capacity. They’re mostly used in larger factories for whipping cream and kneading dough. You can see stand mixers in bakeries and other food factories.

Traditional mixers are compact and portable mixer grinders used in our kitchen, we’re saying it is traditional because it has replaced the old ways of grinding spices in our kitchen. Mostly, in every kitchen, you will get this appliance used for grinding ingredients.

Now, we’ve learned some historical facts about mixer grinders, it’s time to read a buying guide for the best mixer grinders.

How to choose the best mixer grinders?

how to choose a mixer grinder

If you’re reading this article, it means you’re seeking your next kitchen companion in the face of the best mixer grinders. Well, there are some important things to look after while buying a mixer grinder.

  1. Wattage: The very first thing to keep in mind while buying a mixer grinder is its motor power or wattage. Higher wattage is useful for grinding tougher ingredients and at a faster speed with ease. A mixer grinder of 500W to 750W is good enough for any kitchen use.
  2. Speed: The speed of a mixer grinder is the RPM of its blade. A 18000 to 23000 RPM is a good option for a domestic kitchen appliance. Keeping in mind that every ingredient is grinded at different speed, so if you can look for mixer grinder with multiple speed control, it will be a good choice.
  3. Jars: A mixer grinder with 2-3 jars is a good option to choose from. You can use each jars fro different purposes, for reference a small jar of 250ml can be use for grinding spices. If possible, look for jars that have ergonomically designed handle for a good grip. Here is one which we’ve reviewed for you. Bosch TrueMixx Pro 750W Mixer Grinder
  4. Blades : Blades of mixer grinders are important while selecting one for your kitchen use. Its because, most of the work is done by blades, so choosing a mixer grinder with quality blades that last long and are of stainless steel is always prefferable. The grade of steel matters, as it tells you whether the steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion.
  5. Warranty: A kitchen appliance or any other product that comes with a warranty period keeps you on the safer side. A warranty card also insures the quality and brand of the product. While selecting a mixer grinder, we would recommend to go for a warranty period of 2-3 years from manufacturer end.
  6. Price : The price of a mixer grinders definately plays a key role while selecting one. Mixer grinders price may vary on features it provides like speed, number of jars and other.

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