Types Of Mixers

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Types Of Mixers

Conditionally, the devices are divided into three types:

  • Manual;
  • Stationary:
  • Planetary.

Hand mixer

 This is an electrical device where the device like preethi mixie in usa is a type, for the use of which you need, only to keep it with one hand. The outer plastic housing protects the motor from contamination. In the set there are 2 corollas, the speed of which is regulated by means of a slide or step-by-step regulator of switching modes. The most popular device, easy to use. It is required only:

  • plug in the outlet,
  • press the button,
  • adjust the speed mode.

Nozzles are easily removed and washed. Preparing the dough for pancakes is an easy task for such a technique. But a thick dough for buns cannot be kneaded.

Stationary mixer

The device is equipped with a bowl, to which is mounted a removable structure, similar to a hand mixer. Keep it in your hands is not required. Most models are equipped with a movable bowl, which can be removed. This option will be a new multi-helper in the kitchen. With the help of additional attachments, prepare even a tight dough.

Planetary mixer

With the help of the special rotation technique of the kneading device, an ideal dough is obtained around its axis in literally 2 minutes. The planetary type design performs some functions of the combine. The set with whipping nozzles includes graters and knives. Additional functions facilitate the preparation of complex desserts. Such models are in demand among professional confectioners for the preparation of air creams or milkshakes.

The choice depends on the preferences in the family. If from flour products use only pancakes, then choose an inexpensive hand model. Would you like to bake sweet buns for breakfast? Stop your choice on a stationary mixer to knead the dough without difficulty. If you plan to make culinary masterpieces in large volumes, buy a planetary device.

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