Things to take care of while operating a mixer grinder

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The mixer grinder is an indispensable part of the modern kitchen. Having the best mixer grinder in your kitchen is a real blessing. It helps you go about doing the kitchen chores such as grinding, mixing and blending without any fuss. However, even the best mixer grinders are prone to the occasional glitches here and there if used extensively and not well taken care of. So, it is imperative that you make your best mixer grinder stay best by proper maintenance. Let us take a look at some of the important aspects one has to bear in mind:

  1. The mixer grinder is often used to mix both wet and dry ingredients, besides using them for dry grinding separately. This makes cleaning after every use quite an important requirement. Always rinse the jars thoroughly with clean water and dry them in an upside down position. This will help in getting the jar rid of the odor that it can pick after every use. Remember to remove the blades before you start cleaning to avoid any nicks or cuts.
  2. Before you start using the mixer grinder make sure that you lock the jar properly to avoid damage to the blades.
  3. Make sure that the lid of the jar is secured well before you start operating the mixer grinder. Else, you will witness spills all over the place.
  4. To ensure reduced pressure on the motor, make sure that the blade speed goes in a sequential way from low to medium to high, rather than starting it at full speed.
  5. Extremely hot ingredients can cause harm even to the best mixer grinders. Before you start grinding, check if the ingredients are at an acceptable temperature.
  6. Clean the cord only with a damp cloth and get rid of moisture as soon as possible to ensure that it remains dry.
  7. Avoid operating the mixer when there is water in the vicinity as it can give rise to an electric shock. Safety comes first – do not leave the gadget unattended when a child is nearby. When not in use or while operating, place the mixer grinder on a flat surface so as to avoid the risk of falling.

Remember these simple instructions to keep your mixer grinder younger for a longer period of time and operate efficiently. This would ensure that your best mixer grinder serves you well for quite a long time.

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