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Kenwood Stand Mixer Reviews -

Kenwood Stand Mixer
The higher end brands when it comes to stand mixers is Kenwood. Kenwood manufactures a large amount of high quality, specialty kitchen products. Products like multi food grinders, blenders, bread makers, ice cream makers, and citrus pressers are few. Now stand mixers are exactly specialty items, but Kenwood stand mixers do stand out from other stand mixers and the reasons for that will be explained in this guide. If you are considering to buy a stand mixer you should definitely consider looking into Kenwood stand mixers; they aren’t cheap but if you really want the absolute highest quality stand mixer then you can’t go wrong with a Kenwood stand mixer.

There is a lot to like about a Kenwood stand mixer. They have high quality, professional appliances that can be used both for commercial jobs and personal kitchen jobs.
Kenwood stand mixers have incredibly powerful motors. The weakest motor on a Kenwood mixer is 500 watts, which belongs to the Kenwood KMX50. The most powerful motor wattage belongs to the Kenwood KM080AT, which has a motor wattage of 1150 watt. Even the weakest motor wattage is more powerful than pretty much any other personal stand mixer on the market. Having a powerful motor is important, especially if you are doing heavy duty mixing jobs or using the mixer for extended periods of time. A powerful motor is less likely to break down due to overuse and will help to keep the mixer going at a consistent speed; even during the thickest bits of mix. The motors are European designed. The Kenwood stand mixer comes with plenty of ventilation to prevent the powerful motors from overheating. Also, if you are worried about noise don’t be, the motor in Kenwood mixers are very quiet when you consider how powerful they are.

Kenwood stand mixers comes with numerous attachments to make the stand mixer more versatile, and to make mixing jobs easier. Many Kenwood mixers come with attachment hubs to allow you to easily customize your mixer. The most common attachments included with a Kenwood mixer are: k-beaters, which are beaters designed to reach ever side of the bowl and ensure an even mix throughout the bowl, flexi beaters, which are lightweight beaters designed for quick mixing jobs and these are best used when you want the outcome a light mixture (like whip cream). Also included are dough hooks, for kneading and mixing dough. Finally, you will also get a power whisk and a stirring tool; these two tools make it easier to stir thick mixtures. You can even add blenders, grinders, and food processors to your mixer.
A Kenwood stand mixer is extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down or getting damaged easily. The outside are made of stainless, which is much easier to clean then the plastic that is used in many other mixers. The bowls are also made of easily cleaned stainless steel. Kenwood mixers may weigh a lot more than your average stand mixer, but the added durability is more than worth the change.

If you are willing to eat the cost, you will probably not regret a Kenwood stand mixer as they are definitely the highest quality stand mixers out there. Kenwood has delivered a series of high quality products.

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