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Mixer grinder or a blender is something you need in your kitchen to prepare dishes on time. The old-time tools or techniques will take time to get the work done. It is not practical to grind the spices or masala daily. Whoever is cooking daily will need this kitchen appliance to make cooking easier. This kitchen tool is known by different names in different countries. The best mixer grinder helps us to multitask which in turns helps the cooking by saving time. If you are planning to buy a new mixer grinder there are some basic functions that should be available in the gadget. So let us have a discussion about those functions here.

Wet grinding and dry grinding: A normal mixer grinder will have two jars. One of them is dedicated to wet grinding and the other jar is used for dry grinding. Wet grinding is mainly for making curry gravy and to prepare dosa/idly batter (this is a breakfast that is very common in India). For example, if you want to make ginger garlic paste, you should be using the wet grinding jar. Dry grinding is mainly used for grinding masalas and spices. The dry grinding jar is used for preparing icing sugar or powdered salt.

Mixing: The name mixer itself comes from this basic function. You can use the big jar to mix different liquids or other food items. Just like mixing, whipping is another function that can be done with this kitchen gadget.

Blending: This function is almost like mixing but the difference is that here you can mix a solid food item and a liquid. For example, blenders are used to make batters (cake mix) and dough. This function may not be available in all mixer grinders but if you need the best mixer grinder available in the market you should look for this too.

Juicer: Juicer is another good-to-have option for a mixer grinder. This is useful if you and your family enjoy fresh juices. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices is very good for your health and juicer is the gadget that can help you in that. You can always buy a juicer separately but buying a machine that has all the functions will save money and place in the kitchen. If you want the best mixer grinder you can even ask for a chopper with this. Happy shopping!

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