Food Processor Or Mixer – What To Choose?

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Food Processor Or Mixer - What To Choose

The mixer can be stationary and manual. The stationary mixer is designed for professional use like hamilton beach cpm700 commercial stand mixer. Has a stand and a bowl for food. Stable at the base, which allows uniform mixing. It is enough to put ingredients in the bowl, turn on the device and it will cope with the task on its own. But for home use, a hand mixer is more often used, since it is very compact and does not take up any space in the kitchen.

The purpose of a food processor A

food processor is a complex device that combines all kinds of operations:

  • grinding,
  • cutting,
  • grater,
  • shredding,
  • mixing,
  • kneading dough,
  • press for ice, citrus, boiled vegetables,
  • juicer,
  • meat grinder.

All kitchen combines are massive enough, the set includes various nozzles, knives (for cutting slices, cubes, circles) and removable bowls (irreplaceable when cooking several dishes at the same time). Also, in many models there is a blender.

Kitchen combines, as well as mixers can be divided into 2 types. “Inexpensive” or budgetary, have 2 speeds, power 400-500 W, serve for cutting vegetables with straw, shredding, shredding products to a homogeneous mass, used as a juicer, blender. The body in most cases and the material of the bowls is made of plastic. And the “premium” harvesters have 4 speeds and more. Higher speed is used for grinding vegetables and fruits, and low for whipping sauces. Combines “premium” are more complex and have additional functions:

  • Mill – serves to grind spices and coffee,
  • meat grinder – has different attachments,
  • Mixer – serves for whipping and kneading dough.

Bowls in such combines are made of impact-resistant glass or metal. The combine is easy to disassemble and wash in dishwashers.

A food processor or a mixer?

So, which is better? A food processor or a mixer? No doubt, every modern hostess, in the kitchen, equally need these assistants. The answer to the question is uniquely difficult. Everything depends on a number of factors: the budget that we have, our kitchen, whether small or not. In fact, apart from the use of machinery, there must be a place. The choice is yours.

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