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Electric Stand Mixer
Stand mixers can be very expensive, many cost a couple of hundred dollars, some even cost more than $1000. This will bring a question in your mind that whether a stand mixer is worth that price. The question is whether an electric stand mixer is a better alternative to just use a hand mixer. In this article I will look at the advantages of using an electric stand mixer over simply mixing everything with a portable hand mixer.

The first and most obvious advantage of using an electric stand mixer is power. Electric mixers are powered by a motor and even the weakest motor is more efficient than mixing with a hand mixer. Power is an important factor to be considered, more power will lead to better, more thorough, more efficient mixing. If it is not mixing properly then it can seriously mess up any batter or dough you intend to make, so this is a very important point that you should consider when deciding to move away from using a hand mixer. Using a stand mixer can makes it easier to do heavy batters, or even knead dough. With a more powerful mixer you will spend less time mixing ingredients but still you will get a high quality finished product.

Another important factor to consider when thinking about buying an electric stand mixer is that stand mixers often have far more in the way of features and attachments than a handheld mixer. Stand mixers can come with helpful features like auto-shutoff, slow start options (where the beater slowly works up to the desired speed instead of going to the speed instantly), and programmable settings just to name a few. They also come with a multitude of attachments. Most stand mixers will come with multiple types of beaters, such as dough hooks and flat beaters. Other attachments include splash guards, whisks and mixing paddles, and some high-end stand mixers event let’s you add blenders, grinders, and food processors to your mixer.
Alright, so those are the main advantages of an electric stand mixer, but what about some general differences?

This is a fairly obvious difference. Electric stand mixers are bulkier, heavier, and bigger than hand mixers by a longshot. Stand mixers are often made out of plastic, where as many stand mixers are made up of metal, or at the very least contain many metal parts. Stand mixers also take up a lot more room on the kitchen counter or in storage and can be somewhat difficult to maneuver or fit on a counter. Stand mixers are operated different as well, working on a fixed position and the heads are often only able to be moved up or away from the bowl, not detached completely.

This is the biggest difference that concerns you, stand mixers are far more expensive than a handheld mixer. That’s not to say it’s impossible to find an affordable stand mixer, but you will certainly be spending more money than on a regular handheld mixer. The cheapest you can find a decent stand mixer for is around $70, where as a decent hand mixer will only run around $15-35. So, the price difference is notable, but the increase in quality when compared with a handheld mixer to an electric stand mixer is more than worth the price increase.

While a handheld mixer has its advantages, they are lightweight, relatively cheap, and don’t take up much space. I think that if you are a serious baker or just want to improve your cooking in the kitchen then you should look into getting an electric stand mixer, you will notice a vast improvement in your kitchen experience.

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