Different types of mixer grinders available in the market

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If you haven’t got a mixer grinder for yourself, it is time to get one soon. Having said that with the plethora of options available first-time buyers will have a hard time assessing and zeroing on the best mixer grinder. Let us take a look at the different types of mixer grinders available in the market. This should help a first-time buyer to make simple buying decisions and get the best mixer grinder. The first question that you should be asking yourself would be – what would be the main purpose of the mixer grinder? Are you looking for a gadget that will help you to fulfill your daily needs of grinding the ingredients for the curries, or powder dry spices, or grind coconuts, or grind a mixture of rice flour and pulses? Here, I will list the types of mixer grinders and their basic functions to help you in the decision.

Mixi or mixer grinder: This is one the most commonly used mixer grinder that is available in the market. This normally comes with three jars. In these three jars, the small jar is for dry grinding and other two jars are for wet grinding. You do not need a separate juicer in your kitchen for making pineapple or mango juice. The Wet grinding jar can be used to make curries, grinding idly/dosa batter, and to extract coconut milk. The dry grinding jar can be used to powder masalas or coffee beans.

Tabletop wet grinder: Even though this is a type of mixer grinder this may not be considered as the best mixer grinder because this is used only for wet grinding. This will have a bigger container to do the job and can be used to make batter or food grain paste for more people. Hence this is an appliance that is commonly used in hotels. The advantage of this mixer grinder is that the end product (the paste or batter) will be ground fine without any lumps in it.

Juicer: If you want to have a separate juicer you can buy the Juicer mixer grinder. This appliance can do the work of a mixi as well as juicer.

Food processor: If you want help in chopping vegetables, shredding, pureeing, kneading dough, and grinding nuts or solid items you will need a food processor. But this cannot do the complete work of a mixi.

Blenders: This also is not a complete mixer grinder since you cannot do the dry grinding. This tool will do only the blending work.

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