Different blades used in different types of mixer grinders

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In this busy world, mixer grinder has become a must-have kitchen appliance. This makes the cooking easier and saves time. Whoever is cooking has to complete the work faster because of the tight schedule the family has to follow. The best mixer grinders in the market have the best type of blade because that is the component which does the work efficiently. There are different types of mixer grinders and they have different types of blades to carry out the functions. The types of mixer grinders are mixies, blenders, juicers, kneaders, and choppers. You even have the food processor that can be used for more than one purpose. So let us see the types of blades that can be found in mixer grinders.

Dry grinding blade: This type of blade is used in the small dry grinding jars that come with the mixer grinders. These are used to powder masalas, rice, or sugar. Some companies will be having a line-shaped blade and some will be having a “+” shaped blade. The best mixer grinder will be using the “+” shaped blade.

Chutney grinding blade: This is not for a “large-scale” use. When you make chutneys or purees at home this is the blade you should be using. This can also be used for wet grinding.

Wet grinding blades: Other than the chutney grinding blade which is used for simple tasks like mixing juices or beating eggs, there is another blade that is in the shape of a 4-leaf fan. This is used to carry out more complex grinding like making cashew nut paste or vegetable puree.

Slicing Disc: This blade is used to slice or cut vegetables and this disc blade comes with a food processor. If you already have a food processor you would have got different types of discs with it.

Shredding disc: As the name indicates this blade is used to shred cheese or vegetables. This also comes with food processors. You can change the discs depending on the function you want to achieve; slicing or shredding.

Sabatier blade: This blade is also known as S-shaped blade which is used for churning, blending, pureeing, and mixing. This can be used in both wet and dry grinding jars.

Kneading blade: Kneading blade or dough blade is used for making dough. This can be used to make chapathy dough, pasta dough, and for other flour kneading purposes.

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