How To Clean A Mixer: Use Tips


At the time of cooking, the blender is a tool that facilitates the preparation of many dishes. Therefore, it is essential that we carry out a good maintenance that we follow the correct steps on how to clean a blender.

Whether we are thinking about making homemade ice cream, preparing a rich accompaniment sauce for the meat or a cream of vegetables, the blender will be our best ally. But in many occasions, we do not give it a correct use, leaving it for a considerable time without being cleaned after its use or using the wrong products to leave it with shine. For that reason, although it seems simple, we will show you several useful and practical tips to know how to clean a blender, especially because it contains blades (either in the arm or at the end of the glass) so it can seem difficult to carry out its correct cleaning.

How to clean a blender without putting it in the dishwasher.

This trick can be used for all those classic blenders that have the blades in the arm and are handled by ourselves, so they are not fixed. When using the blender, it is always common that in the arm remain remains of the different foods that we have crushed. To avoid having to put the blender’s arm in the dishwasher, simply add it to the blender bowl, which will also have food remains, half a glass of clean water.

On the glass of the blender we will add a few drops of the soap that we are using to wash the dishes. Now proceed to turn on the blender and beat the inside of the glass for about 5-10 seconds. After beating, we will release the arm and take it out. The step carried out is very useful and extremely simple to descale all the dirt adhered to the blades of the blender arm. To finish, we will rinse both the glass and the arm of the blender in the sink with clean water. This will avoid having to put our blender in the dishwasher, since both the plastic and some materials with which the arms are manufactured, could be harmful to the common use of the dishwasher.

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