How To Clean A Blender With Blades In The Glass:

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If the blades of the blender are in the bottom of the glass and not in the arm of the same, perhaps we can think a priori that it can be more complicated to clean, but nothing is further from reality. First of all, what you should always keep in mind is not to let much time pass once you have used the blender until you are ready to clean it, because the longer the food passes, the more attached it will be to the blender, making cleaning difficult.

You may have tried to clean these blenders by rubbing with a scrubbing pad, soap and water, but you will soon have verified that the disposal of the blades makes it very difficult to remove the remains of food from the bottom. Even if we are not careful, we could produce some cut. Needless to say that the blender, and whenever we go to carry out the cleaning of electrical appliances, it must be unplugged. These are the steps to follow:

Add hot water and soap to the glass and close it.

Place the lid of the blender and put it into operation for about 10 seconds. Do not abuse the soap because the foam may overflow.

Remove the lid and rinse in the sink with plenty of water. You will see right away that all the dirt has disappeared.

How to clean a blender: eliminate the bad smell

If you have put into practice the steps that we have suggested on how to clean a blender and despite this you perceive that it still gives off a bad smell, do not worry, it also has a solution. Again, add water to the glass and this time add a splash of vinegar. With the vinegar, while disinfecting the glass and the arm of the blender, you will be able to completely eliminate strong odors from creams such as gazpacho, etc.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to clean a blender. Do you know any more? If you know other ways to clean a blender do not hesitate to share them with us. Also, if you found this post interesting, I’m sure you might also like this other about how to clean a blender.

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