How To Choose A Mixer By Size And Weight

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How To Choose A Mixer By Size And Weight

A large role is played by the size and weight of the device. For use in a bar, cafe or in a professional confectioner’s kitchen, the size does not matter, since in such rooms the workplace does not require saving. The planetary mixer like preethi mixer 110v is designed to mix ingredients in a large volume, and can weigh more than 20 kilograms. This model is the largest.

Stationary – high and heavy. Its weight reaches 10 kilograms. If the working area allows you to house a household appliance on a stand, there will be no problems with placement. For a standard kitchen, it is preferable to choose manual models – the smallest ones and do not create problems with storage and placement. An important role is played by the volume of the bowl – for planetary species they are overall: from 5 to 140 liters.

Be guided when choosing the number of servings:

  • Up to 5 servings – 2 liters;
  • 5 to 10 servings – 3.5 liters;
  • From 10 portions – 5 liters.

How to choose a mixer for technical characteristics


Note when choosing a model for power parameters. The number and quality of speeds saves you time. At high power, do not worry about the texture of the batter, after 2 minutes all the ingredients will be mixed.

  • For daily use, a hand-held mixer with a power of up to 350 watts will be an ideal option.
  • For a household model with a bowl (stationary), the power costs must be at least 500 watts.
  • For the production of confectionery in large quantities, choose a power of at least 800 watts.

High-speed modes

For cooking light meals, no more than 3 modes are required. For a biscuit test, about 5 modes are used. There are models with 10 speeds for any culinary event. Most modern devices are equipped with the following modes:

  • The “standard” mode is designed for quick mixing of the dough for pancakes or omelets.
  • The “pulse” mode is suitable for dense mousses and curd fillings.
  • The “turbo” mode is the fastest, suitable for whipping the proteins into a lush foam.

Interval of continuous operation

The cheapest models work in continuous mode for about 3 minutes (with prolonged use the device overheats). This time is enough to whip the proteins into a lush foam. Brand models survive 5-20 minutes of hard work.

How to choose the nozzles

Any mixer regardless of the type is equipped with a certain set of attachments and before you make a purchase you need to decide what exactly you will use it for. The big advantage is that you can purchase the device based on your needs, and if necessary, the nozzles for the mixer to buy separately.


The most common – for whipping the proteins for meringues or eggs for omelets. With her help you can make a magnificent cream for baking or prepare a thick sauce. Due to the multifunctionality of the nozzle, the corners for the mixer go in each set.


They are made in the form of a spiral with a hook at the end. Designed for a thick dough, which is difficult to fully mix other attachments. The dough will turn out to be elastic and well mixed, but the mixer will have to work long enough.

For mashed potatoes

They have a round shape with protruding parts. Can be with plastic blades and small holes to give a fluffy mass. With the help of a mixer with a nozzle for mashing it is possible to get an air dish without lumps and unnecessary efforts.

Nozzle blender

A mixer with a blender attachment can replace a full blender and perform all its functions qualitatively. They are sharp knives with a protective cap. With this device you can grind foods to a homogeneous mass, which is especially important for families with young children.

Oars (scraper)

Designed for cooking mousses. The shape of the nozzle allows you to stir the mass to the desired degree of density. It is made in the form of a hook.


It has the shape of a blade with special holes that allow to cook mashed potatoes, but the main task of the blade for the mixer is making a short dough.


A nozzle of complex shape, stirring and whipping products. It is designed for cooking air and light dough, for example on eclairs.

Meat grinder

A nozzle for a planetary mixer with an additional shaft. Performs the functions of a meat grinder, allows you to prepare minced meat, make spaghetti or make sausages (depending on the grate used). In the kit, additional grinders can be used to cut vegetables.

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